The World Smallest Gaming Mini PC

The World Smallest Gaming Mini PC

Short Description:

The 173x153x65mm Beelink Kaby G7 Gaming Mini PC is the absolute gaming game changer fitted with all the features a gamer would ever wish for. These are the most outstanding features.


This mini PC runs on a windows 10 iOS with a 8th generation Intel core i7-8709G processor with a magnificent processing frequency of between 3.1GHz to 4.1GHz. The processor supports Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics co-processor giving you 4K UHD quality picture for an amazing gaming experience. The PC’s powerful processor enables to run any game smoothly giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

The mini PC runs instructions on a 64-bit set in multi-languages.

Memory and Storage

When it comes to this PC’s memory and storage it shouldn’t be termed as ‘mini’ since it runs an outrageous 16GB DDR4 memory with a M.2 SSD 256 expandable storage by installing a 2.5 inch mechanical hard drive. This powerful features allows gamers to run multiple games without experiencing over heats and glitches.

Extra interfaces

The mini PC has 5 USB 3.0 ports giving you more peripheral connections. With a dual HDMI and 2 DP ports, connections of up to 4 monitors is made possible, a feature which definitely gets well with gamers. The mini PC is still fitted with microphone, headphone and speaker jacks ensuring sound output is well configured for gaming purposes.

Magnificent cooling system

With an exceptionally powerful built CPU fans with separate air inlet and ventilation holes strategically placed making sure that the PC runs smoothly and more stable. This is made possible by the well-designed metal body which also contains a LED flash effect on the top icon.

Bluetooth speaker

The mini gaming PC also supports the Bluetooth speaker function allowing you to play, pause, select and shuffle music directly from your phone. The high quality music sound gives you a soothing effect as you enjoy your gaming experience.

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..