The Best Purifier & Humidifier

The Best Purifier & Humidifier

Short Description:

This is a top on range 2 in 1 functions indoor product. Philips 30001 series is highly effective in filtering your indoor air to remove pathogens, allergens, tiny particles, harmful gases and also humidifies the air to rid off too much dryness.


Aerasense Technology

The appliance is highly effective in detecting the slightest of indoor air contamination. It ceaselessly monitors the air and automatically adjusts the fan anytime change of particles is sensed.

Bacteria and Viruses Reduction     

It effectively detects the presence of harmful microorganisms and destroys them. This guarantees you a healthier and cleaner environment.

IAI Display Indicates Risk Level of Allergens

Philips 30001 series 2 in 1 purifier and humidifier has the ability to detect indoor allergens. It further displays the risk of the air allergens on a scale of 1 to 12.

3 Auto modes, General, Allergen, and Sleep

The product is designed with three automatic purification settings. The basic contamination mode, extra sensitive allergen mode, and sleep mode. On its sleep mode, the display modes are dimmed while the fan adjusts to the lowest speed. You can always switch to your desired mode that best optimizes your preferred needs.

4-level Humidity Settings

It has an automatic humidity setting that helps you maintain considerable humidity level. You could alternate between 40%, 50% and 60% as per your desired humidity levels.

Track, Monitor and Control using Your Smartphone App.

It is easy to track, monitor, and control the quality of your indoor air from any place and time. Comfortably changes the speed of fan, schedule and check the filter status using the user-friendly app.


Effectively purifies your indoor air removing dust, pathogens, allergens and other air pollutants for a healthier and cleaner home.

Easy control, monitoring, and tracking of indoor air quality using a smartphone app.

It is easy to use and schedule. Comes with simple instructions.

You can use it while asleep. It is less noisy.


It is costly.

It is large and weighty especially when full of water.

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..