Home Security Camera System

Home Security Camera System

Short Description:

Secure the whole of your home with this stylish home camera security system. It is a battery-powered, affordable, wirefree monitoring device whose batteries last for two years.

The camera detects movements in your home, sending the alerts with audio and Hd video straightway to your mobile phone.

The package contains 3 Blink XT Cameras,3 Mounting Kits and 1 sync module.


Live HD video and Streaming mode

You can always monitor the happenings back in your home with live audio and HD video streaming on your mobile phone from any of your blink cameras per system.

Motion detection

This camera can detect motion in your home, sending alerts to your phone.

Instant alerts

The camera sends you instant alerts . You can use the infrared night vision or even the LED illumination to see whatever is happening during the night.


The camera is water-resistant and ensures that you get top quality clear HD videos regardless of weather conditions.

Monthly charges free

It is easy to set up the camera which has no hidden or additional subscription charges or information storage charges.

IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integration

Be in full control of your cameras using your voice through chosen Alexa devices that include Amazon Echo, Echo Spot and Echo Dot.

2Years Long 2AA Lithium Batteries

With regular use, the cameras last for a lengthy time on one set of the 2AA lithium batteries. The battery long-life property is possible through chip technology, which is exclusively available in Blink cameras.

Note that the cameras do not work through glass, the Blue LED can’t be disabled on indoor camera and the sync mode needs a power source.


● Easy to install
● Produces high quality pictures
● Reliable
● Easy to expand use at either your home, office or apartment
● It’s affordable
● It’s battery-powered and wire-free, making it easy to place it anywhere in your home.
● Designed in a visual verification mode where you can view live streaming video once you receive alerts on your phone


● Slow while opening the app to see images

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