Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System

Google WiFi Whole Home System

Short Description:

This is an awesome product that works with your wifi and internet provider to provide all your devices very speedy signals in all rooms.C Contrary toother ttraditionalrouters, Google wifi is capable of providing you with both fast speed and full coverage of your eentire home

Communication taking place in the devices on your nnetwork isean ncrypted and automatic update of tthe security of the systemT his application has parental controls that keeps adult websites and also switches off wifi on your kid’s devices during sleep time.

The compatible devices include Android devices 4.0.3 or higher or iOS device of 8.0 or higher.Its connectivity -simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi(2.4Ghz/5GHz) which as well supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.

The box contains 1*Google whole home Wi-Fi system, 4GB eMMc flash storage,  512Mb RAM, two pack.


  • Provides very speedy and reliable Wi-Fi across all rooms. Every Google Wi-Fi point serves as a router
  • Network protection is guaranteed as the device automatically updates security to prevent hacks
  • It is very easy to set up and use the parental controls using the power of the application (15 Watt power adaptor)
  • Comes in an attractive design that can perfectly fit in any room
  • All round clock support system is available through text messaging or phone calls
  • A single Google Wifi point for small sized homes of about 85sqm, two are convenient for middle-sized homes of 85sqm-170sqm, while three can cover larger sized homes of 170sqm and above and as much as you require.
  • This device has a UK plug, you are required to extend the third pin out of the plug head while plugging in the device.
  • This item conveniently works with all network providers available.



  • Easy to use and install. It goes through thick walls
  • Super fast and powerful coverage
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Great looking units
  • Well engineered app


  • In some occasions the range can be poor, leading to poor performance.
  • It is pricey but worth it. The units are very expensiv

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..