Caddy Coffee Pod Machine

Caddy Coffee Pod Machine

Short Description:

Caddy is a 1.2 liters contemporary, trendy, high- end, and a compact design coffee machine. Its trim brew head makes it additionally ideal to any kitchen.

The appliance is available in two mystical colors white and black. Prepare a variety of your favorite hot drink servings at the touch of a button


One button operation

It is amazingly easy to prepare over 40 great varieties of drinks. You are only required to load a T.Disc that is made from ground coffee, press the start button, and the systems create the beverage of your choice.

Detachable capsule holder fitting 16 T DISCs 

This caddy keeps your most loved T DISCs organized and exactly where they belong next to your appliance.

Every holder supports 16 capsules.

Every machine is capable of holding eight capsule holders permitting 128 T DISCs to be nicely stored.

Innovative heating technology


Virtually heats in seconds enduring that only required water amount of water is heated on demand


This is a patented bar code innovation that identifies the drink you have chosen after which it regulates the amount of water, the brewing time and temperature to prepare the perfect cup each time.

LED user interface


Provides you with current information about the status of the machine which includes: standby, manual mode, refill the water tank, and when the device needs to be descaled.

Standby mode

After every brewing session, the machine switches to standby mode automatically. This helps you in saving preventing excessive energy consumption



  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Lasts long since it is made of stainless steel.
  • Helps in saving power consumption.
  • It has good looks.
  • Offers speedy services and assist you to Prepare favorite drinks within no time.
  • Value for your money.


  • May cause trouble when more drinks are required.


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