Business Card Scanner

Business Card Scanner

Short Description:

A contemporary intelligent scanner measuring 30.5 × 30.5×15.2cm that permits you to put in business cards quickly. It scans and recognizes the cards and save the information in an address book or Microsoft outlook.

It turns business cards into proper digital format in seconds. It completes management functions provided for editing information.


User-friendly interface

Allows you to search with keywords and offer speedy functions. They include Skype Out, Skype Sms, and find contacts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Sync and backup contacts in Gmail

Do not lose any information, even in instances when you upgrade your smartphone or computer in the future.

Exchange contacts with outlook/ACT!/Salesforce/Lotus/mobile devices and notes.

You can manage and see your contacts in Mac, Gmail, or windows. You only need to press the sync button to save or contacts information or images on Gmail web services.

Scan, recognize and save contact information


Perform this function in few seconds into a current and accurate digital format.

Identify business cards in 25 various languages:


Arabic, Portuguese(Portugal and Brazil), Spanish(Mexico and Spain), simplified Chinese, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Slovak, Tradition Chinese, Hungarian, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, polish.



  • Great interface.
  • Plays smartly with Outlook and directly exports to it.
  • Awesome logo copying feature.
  • Speed – can scan over 80 cards with corrections in one and half hour.
  • Little footprint
  • Clear and easy to read scans.
  • Easy to use the software.


  • You may need to cut down large sized cards due to the little leeway, but this is rare.
  • Does not identify Twitter or skype symbols on business cards unless they are labeled.
  • Does not clean up phone numbers with odd characters like ‘-‘ or  ‘/’ between the numbers.
  • The scanner, n some occasions is inefficient; it requires an upgrade to fit modern use.

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