To improve the online experience while shopping AO & L Marks have launched a new accelerator for startups in e-commerce

A global search disruptor has been announced by online electrics store, L Marks, in partnership with AO to make online shopping faster and more comfortable for its customers.

The first unique program from a retailer, AO innovation Lab is going to select startup using a rigorous search together with a selection process that will work alongside it to cross new frontiers setting in e-commerce.

L Marks, which is the UK’S known leading innovation advisory company, has a record of fifty corporate accelerators globally that it has created and is expected to lead the hunt of startups meant for the AO Innovation Lab.

Using criteria set up by AO, L Marks is expected to use its expertise and identify startups globally. It is also likely to create unique shopping experiences, create a better digital Salesforce, optimize customer delivery, and set up the AR next phase. Anyone who feels they have a unique idea but needs help to keep it going AO Innovation has an open door for them.

There shall be a ten weeks innovation program for successful startups in the Innovation Lab of AO, which is meant to create an atmosphere for demonstrating ideas and turn them to become real-life products and tools.

Surveys indicate that companies working online are getting more profit than those that don’t

In the onset of online trading, people were not buying expensive products, but in recent years, the trend has changed, and people have developed trust in online business and are buying expensive products online. They buy things like piece auto online meant for their vehicles. This is the kind of faith shown on online companies that were never there before.

Why do people buy online?

The quality of extraordinary services rendered by these online services is the main reason why customers have developed trust with them and become more loyal. They keep their promise by making deliveries right on time with a term of cash on delivery.

They clearly describe product features and ensure there don’t compromise the quality when it comes to deliveries the customer gets exactly what they chose online. Also, customers are assured of privacy and security as they shop online.

Secondly, people prefer shopping online rather than going physically for shopping because of their busy lifestyles. People work throughout the week and would instead rest on their off days than go shopping.

That time they have an off day they would instead use to spend time with their families or friends then go for physical shopping hence opting for online shopping.

Why companies also choose to go online

In the past, many companies and industries were adamant about indulging in online shopping, but in the recent years, they have been a rise of companies and industries embracing online shopping mainly because it cuts costs in advertising and also there is the potential of reaching out to more potential clients hence increasing their sales.

European MC industry increased growth in Q1 of 2019 to almost 20%

Data collected from 37 markets and over shows European MC industry has boosted growth in Q1 of 2019 to nearly 20%

There is some ray of light in the European economy after the tough time of Q4 2018. Despite the uncertainty of Bretix, there is some growth that indicates signs of growth. Retails sales showed some up movement in January, and there is still a low rate of unemployment in Europe. Inflation has been at bay due to the low oil prices.

The Motorcycle Market

There has been an impressive market for the motorcycle recently in Europe. Data collected from 37 nations indicates Motor Cycle industry started well in 2019.

The motorcycle industry has had progressive growth for some years now. The scooter segment has been noted to experience the highest growth in 2019 Q4.

Leading in motorcycle growth, France has the largest with over 31.8%. Italy was second followed closely by Spain. German, Turkey, the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium followed in that order.

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..