Internet  Shopping and In-Store Trends Merge All Over Europe
Internet  Shopping and In-Store Trends Merge All Over Europe

European customers are on an increasing note ready to blend elements of secure web shopping with visits to real-world shops as they utilise mobile devices for bricks-and-mortar augmentation experience.

This is in regard to study from Blis, where analysts found out that shopping through online websites is preferred by over forty-seven per cent of individuals across the Universe. This implies that traditional physical shops presently have an upper hand, however, they are drawing perilously close to getting blanketed by their digital l counterparts.

Close to two-thirds of respondents stated that they took advantage of android phones technology so as to check costs and know  product information when around the high street, which feeds into nicely-established trends regulating the manner in which portable gadgets are moulding shopping behaviours.

The process of mobile device research is more prevalent amongst the below-35s, with eighty per cent of customers in this age bracket confirming themselves as committed smartphone shopping gurus.

The report also indicated the effectiveness of mobile advertisements as a way of convincing customers to walk into physical stores to purchase while they are moving. This creates an interesting multichannel image of how marketing works in the smartphone era, encouraging both internet and in-store buys.

The study requested the respondents to identify their particular shopping ‘type’, with the most of them referring themselves as savvy because they make use of price comparison tools to ensure they are getting best deals anytime they carry out a transaction.

Just more than a third stated that low costs were the most significant aspects of any purchase, permitting the bargain-seeking advantages of the internet to come into their own.

Currently, it looks like traditional and digital retail is securing a balance between each other, with Android phones being the centre of this relationship.

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Brits Balance Speed with Security When Shopping Online

Research from GoCardless has also indicated that clients based in the UK are more centred in gaining access to a frictionless experience when conducting secure web shopping than their universal counterparts.

Forty-three per cent of consumers in Britain rank having access to fast, uncomplicated checkout processes at the top of the agenda, while this is real for only 32 per cent of French respondents and only seventeen per cent of Spanish participants in the study

This trend seems to correspond to a lower amount of interest in safety among the Brits. Fifty-five per cent of UK citizens interviewed in the research said that they were especially concerned about being safeguarded while shopping online, while close to two-thirds of French and German correspondents echoed similar sentiments.

Twenty-seven per cent of people from the UK agreed that they would not commit to purchasing if the website in question had a lengthy checkout process, even if it was a step taken to enhance security.

There are many options for making the internet checkout process less complicated, yet still suitably convenient to satisfy modern shoppers. Using biometric ID verification solutions can serve as one option, though with any potential route there will be a need to cooperation between retailers and the banks providing the payment infrastructures and also handle billions of daily online transactions.

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