Best TV in 2019
Best TV in 2019

Once upon a time, buying a new television was one of the easiest (albeit expensive) purchases that any family or business could make. After all, the technologies used were pretty much identical from one brand to the next, meaning that you simply had to find a model that suited your budget. Nowadays, though, it’s a minefield. While television sets are undoubtedly more advanced than ever before, finding the best TV in 2019 is a long and difficult process. Until now…

With so many options out there, finding one that does exactly what you need for your home or business is essential. Here are five of the best.


Samsung QLED Q9FN – Best For Showing Off Modern TV Technology

The 2019 Samsung QLED TV is a technological masterpiece. Following more than a few teething errors with its predecessor, the latest models have completely revamped the LED lighting – introducing Full Array Local Dimming – and colour for a truly wonderful viewing experience.

When supported by the use of the best ever High Dynamic Range technologies, this is arguably Samsung’s best ever TV. It boasts all the smart menu features that you could ever need while it’s sleek design looks great mounted on the wall as well as on a stand.

Why We Love It

  • Big screen TV available in 75”,65” and 55” models to showcase all the latest films, sports, and drama.
  • The Samsung brand, especially when carrying the QLED branding, leaves a big impression on business clients and home guests alike.
  • Samsung’s well rounded and powerful sound capabilities perfectly support the crisp, colourful images.


August DA100D Portable TV – Best For On The Go Viewing

In 2019, televisions are used for far more than watching EastEnders. So, the need for a portable television is far greater than ever – even if smartphones and other small screen devices do offer makeshift solutions. The August 10” model is undoubtedly one of the best.

The multifunctional television can be used in many scenarios, and its ability to pick up a Freeview signal is nearly faultless. You can even record them to a hard drive via a USB and use the red button service as you would on a standard sized telly.

Why We Love It

  • The A-class energy rated device can be powered by AA, 12V or a mains charger, giving you the optimum levels of control.
  • Can be connected to games consoles, DSLR cameras, CCTV systems, or microscopes to become a world-class handheld monitor for business and leisure.
  • When they say it’s portable, it really is. Despite boasting a 10” screen, the device is thin and very, very light.


Asus 24” Gaming Monitor – Best For Gaming & Multi-Screen Business

The Asus range of gaming monitors is available in multiple sizes but the 24” is their best. It’s a great size for playing the latest games while it can be easily connected as part of a multi-screen setup. The latter idea is one that can be used in business as well as the gaming activities.

With a 1ms response time, this is a great monitor for video calls and similar activities where instant communication is essential. It’s a practical solution that’s easy to wire up too. At this price range, there is no better or bigger full HD TV built for this purpose on the market.

Why We Love It

  • The versatility of the Asus model makes it suited to a wide range of functions and purposes in business and leisure.
  • The crisp graphics are immense while the true 1920 x 1080 allows for a far better gaming and viewing experience.
  • Asus are a highly regarded brand yet continue to produce great screens that offer fantastic value for money time and time again.


Samsung Smart Signage Display DM32E LED – Best For Presentations & Displays

The Samsung smart signage display screen runs on a 24/7 basis without ever losing picture quality. The 32” screen looks incredible while the Samsung brand also delivers a sense of pride and professionalism before your content has even had a chance to leave a positive mark.

Whether displaying an advert to passersby or using the Samsung screen for internal business matters, there’s no doubt that it will express the brand messages in a powerful manner. You can also display useful widgets such as weather conditions for added success.

Why We Love It

  • Life is easy for the user thanks to simple installations, a fantastic user interface, and sophisticated technologies.
  • Capable of showing an extensive range of content from basic graphics to videos on a 24/7 basis while still boasting a great lifespan.
  • Teams up very well with other Samsung products, whether they be TVs, smartphones, or other electrical products.


LG 43UK6300PLB – Best For Simplicity

Sometimes in life, simplicity is king. The LG TV from 2018 is capable of connecting with Alexa and other devices. Ultimately, though, it’s beauty comes from being an easily installed television that boasts Freeview play and easy viewing at the click of a button. It’s also great value for money.

As a class A energy rated television, it’s a great solution for many years to come regardless of how often you expect to use it while the vivid colours and easy menus are ideal. The LG model is available in various sizes, but the 43” is more than big enough for most families or business offices.

Why We Love It

  • Simplicity is at the forefront of the design, although advanced tech components and features can be embraced if required.
  • The LG TV is light, easy to install, and looks fantastic in any residential or commercial space. The brand is known for making TVs that last too.
  • The sound quality is particularly pleasing for a relatively cheap TV while the picture is crisp and clear too.

All five TVs are perfect additions to your home or business in 2019, depending on your specific needs. Frankly, there’s never been a better time to purchase.

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..