What is Amazon Fresh?

Have you ever thought of getting all your groceries bought and delivered at your doorstep? without you leaving the house?  That is AmazonFresh for you.

This is Amazon’s groceries delivering enterprise that offers you a wide range of organic foods, fast foods, fresh groceries, and everyday essentials. Same day delivery is also possible at your doorsteps. It has pushed meal kit delivery a notch higher. It is has been rated highly by its users and for this reason, has continued to build its image and credibility to the public.

How Much Does Amazon Cost?

Getting started with AmazonFresh requires you to obtain an Amazon Prime membership. From that point, you will pay $14.99 each month or $179.88 each year. In addition to the annual membership of $119, the total amount sums up to $298 each year.

Earlier on, AmazonFresh required subscribers to pay upfront of $299 for a whole year service including Amazon prime. In the year 2016 Amazon enabled monthly payments.

There is no delivery charge for orders worth more than $50.For lesser orders, Amazon charges $10 delivery fee on your total bill.

How Amazon Fresh Works

AmazonFresh operations are pretty straightforward and can easily be understood. Once you stock your online cart with groceries of your choice, the site prompts you to reserve a delivery time. You can either select same-day or next-day delivery depending on what works best with your timetable.

You can as well choose from “Doorstep Delivery,” a three-hour delivery plan. In that case, you don’t have to be at home. Alternatively, you are allowed to choose from “Attended Delivery,”  a one-hour window that needs you to be available to receive the goods.

For orders of or above $50, Amazon offers free of charge attended or unattended delivery with prime membership.

One disadvantage of AmazonFresh is that it offers its services to prime subscribers only. After completing the 30-day trial, an annual fee of $299 is charged as a yearly fee in addition to the products you buy.

Where is AmazonFresh available?

AmazonFresh currently makes deliveries to clients residing in Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, New York City, London, some parts of California and New Jersey, and more. Recently, users in the states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and California reported that AmazonFresh is no longer making deliveries to their zip code. Location for delivery is few and limited.

What Products Can I Buy From AmazonFresh?

You can purchase pretty much everything you would find in a local grocery store from AmazonFresh. Name it — fruits, vegetables, canned goods, condiments, packaged snacks, raw meat — much more. AmazonFresh has got you covered.

Household, health, and beauty including over the counter essentials, baby products, pet and personal care products.

Additionally, you can access approximately 1,000 Whole Food products. Most of the products fall under the categories of beverages, frozen goods, cereals, baking, and snacks. As at now, you cannot find any Whole Foods fresh meat or produce on AmazonFresh.

Does AmazonFresh Offer Free Trial?

Similarly to Amazon Prime, there exist a 30 days free trial of AmazonFresh. At the end, of the free trial you get automatically upgraded to payable membership.

Additionally, you can use 25 FRESH promotion code for $25 off the first order after spending $100 or more. Note that the offer is only for a limited period of time.

Quality of Food and Delivery from AmazonFresh

Order get delivered by USPS trucks. The groceries are wrapped in bright green insulated bags. Each AmazonFresh bag is made of long-lasting plastic and includes ice packets to aid in keeping your produce fresh until you take your order inside. You can leave the delivery bags outside for pick up in the following order.

The quality of Amazon’s food delivery was awesomely good. The likes of broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, ginger and more reach you in good condition. No damages or flaws.

AmazonFresh Coupons and Sales

One negative of AmazonFresh is that they don’t accept traditional coupons like many other grocery stores. A large number of brands are beginning to partner with Amazon so as to offer discounts and bulk-related deals.

Help and Support

Amazon is known to provide outstanding customer support. AmazonFresh has been criticized for not being very helpful but will soon meet the standards as per customers’ expectations.

The customer care representatives are helpful and friendly. There is also a FAQ section that goes along with email, phone, and live chat keeping you covered from all points.


  • You can skip shopping for groceries to do other tasks while AmazonFresh gets the job done for you
  • Delivery Times. It is awesome having your purchases delivered at your own scheduled times.
  • Saves you from having to carry heavy loads
  • Excellent customer services by Amazon. They meet their clients with prompt replies
  • Offers services at a reasonable price
  • Well organized packaging
  • An accommodating ordering process
  • Great for mobility challenged persons


  • Frequent out of stock items
  • Insufficient variety
  • Limited area service delivery
  • Groceries delivered elsewhere
  • You may have to wait longer to have your order delivered.

Is AmazonFresh Worth it?

Due to the increased cost of Amazon Prime, the yearly cost of AmazonFresh is almost back to the original $300. This may not be a problem to frequent shoppers of Amazon and will definitely pay the cost of prime. The $14.99 monthly fee without delivery charges is very appealing to busy people seeking to have their groceries delivered to them through AmazonFresh.

The fairly reasonable membership fees and the largest market available, Amazon Fresh can easily pin down competition depending on your residence and your shopping behavior.

If AmazonFresh is available in your area and you currently hold a prime membership, it is high time you give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Everything about AmazonFresh turns out good. Talk of selecting, ordering, delivering and quality. However, this could not please everyone.

For people who are busy or due to lack of transport are unable to go to stores to have their groceries done, This is the perfect solution worth trying out.

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testimonial image

Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..