Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Amazon Kindle Unlimited

For some years now, Amazon has been in the frontline of the eBooks market. The company started by delivering low-price eBooks to its readers around the universe. Not very long ago the company launched a new subscription eBook service known as kindle unlimited.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon formed a digital reading program back in 2007. The program set the standard for modern eBooks platforms very quickly. This service permits you to download books, magazines, texts, and articles into eReaders.

Since inception, Kindle Unlimited has grown into the most popular eBook option throughout the universe. The platform hosts major books and magazines with more than 3 million titles all available for its subscribers.

Kindle eBooks are more affordable than purchasing books on Amazon. It is also well known for its ease of use. Kindle devices can download and store many books at a go.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Instead of buying each book, kindle introduced a service that changed how readers can access titles on its platform. In 2014, a subscription service currently charging a monthly fee of $9.99 to access titles was launched. Similar to Apple Music and Spotify, Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows readers to access unlimited titles at the set monthly fee.

How Kindle Unlimited Works

Kindle Unlimited grants you permission to access a wide range of eBook titles without restriction. After signing up for an account you can now select from a whole library of titles.

Once you search a kindle book on Amazon, it shows you the cost of buying as well as let you know whether it is included free in the subscription plan.

Note that not all titles are included on Kindle unlimited. Most of the biggest book publishers think revenue sharing mechanism cannot be rewarding to their businesses and therefore have not signed up on this platform.

Nonetheless, provided you have a kindle compatible device, there is a countless selection of books you can read.

Hardware Options

One major advantage of subscribing to Kindle Unlimited is the number of allowed hardware options working together with the platform. Since its establishment, Amazon has been working effortlessly to provide a range of various devices and compatibilities to its subscriber’s base.

Kindle eReaders has brought great changes to the industry. Various devices are now available at different prices. Kindle eReaders screen looks like a traditional paper making it easy for the reader’s eyes.

The devices come in an easy-to-use design, are lightweight, WIFI enabled and long-lasting battery life. You can buy and download books on the device.

Do I Require a Kindle Device?

Amazon used to restrict its users to kindle eReaders devices only but now not anymore. You can easily download the Kindle app to your Android device or iOS from app or play store. With Kindle Unlimited, you can do without eReading devices.

It means that readers can access eBooks on their phones and Kindle eReaders at the same time. Kindles mobile application has made the eBook platform count among the most practical choices in the world.

The app works for all Android and tablets. The disadvantage of not having a device is that you need WIFI to access eBooks.

Is it free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime offers a wide range of advantages to its subscribers. However, Kindle Unlimited is not part of the subscription. You are required to pay separately for your plan. Nevertheless, you can link it to the Amazon prime account you are using on Kindle.

Kindle Unlimited Library

One key component included in Kindle unlimited is the Library. It is the main feature you pay for. The platform hosts plenty of self-publishing and traditionally published books.

Presently there are millions and millions of titles available on kindle unlimited for download.

Customer service

It is important to invest in a subscription service that highly values your business. A poor team can frustrate and cost you much. Amazon is popular for having excellent customer service in the market.

You can contact customer care 24/7 by logging in to your account to access their portal. If any problem arises with your kindle or kindle unlimited there exist a resource center that easily enables you to troubleshoot.

It is also very easy to cancel kindle unlimited service in a few seconds. This you do by simply logging in to your account. If you have problems figuring out how there is a comprehensive tutorial guide available on their Website.

Additional Features to Note

Kindle Unlimited is available Only for US-based clients. Kindle’s presence is in many countries across the globe but the subscriptions are only available for People living in The U.S.A. On the occasion, you plan to travel for a lengthy period, ensure you cancel the subscription before leaving.

The Free Trial

There is one surest way to ensure kindle unlimited is worth it. That is by taking advantage of the free trial. Before making any financial commitment, try kindle unlimited 30 days free trial. If you don’t wish to continue, cancel the subscription before it is over.


  • Unrestricted access to millions of titles
  • After paying for the subscription there is no cost for titles
  • Access to self-published books on the platform
  • A favorable pricing structure
  • Wide range of compatible devices
  • Easy to use the app
  • Awesome customer support
  • Reliable rating systems
  • Extensive than most of the industries competitors.


  • In order to gain access, you have to make the monthly payments
  • No access to most top titles
  • It is only worth if you consistently read multiple books per month
  • You require a Wi-fi connection.
  • Depending on what you are into Amazon prime might be the better option.

Final Thoughts

After reading this information you may be wondering whether Kindle is a good fit for you. We cannot deny the power of an eBook subscription tool as this. With it, you gain access to over a million titles and a broad range of hardware devices. You also get the advantage of partnering with a worldwide trusted retailer.

If you have been looking for a means to get into a countless list of books, Kindle Unlimited is the best option for you. If you use its 30-day free trial, that means you will not make any financial commitment before fully indulging in it.

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Letseshopping is just affiliate site you can buy top product through letseshopping on Amazon..