Amazon blamed as favorite bookshops announce the closure
Amazon blamed as favorite bookshops announce the closure

Camden Lock Books in London and Wenlock Books in Shropshire and are soon going to shut down, the owners have said this is due to increased online competition.

Wenlock Book is an award-winning independent bookshop that has been serving readers in Shropshire town of Wenlock is at the verge of getting closed, with the owner putting the blame entirely on the budding of Amazon.

According to Anna Dreda, the award winner of 2006 independent bookseller and founder of the Wenlock Poetry Festival, the decision to close has been overwhelmingly tricky; She Said that she has been enjoying being in the high street in her beautiful shop creating remarkable connections with her clients.

However, due to a combination of a critical illness and an increased client’s preference for online shopping and high street are forcing her to close come to the end of June. Dreda has been working at the bookshop since 1991 and took control from the previous owner in 2003. Reviews of the shop described it as “nothing short of a gem.”

Miss Dreda continued to report that she never thought she would make lots of money, but high the high street has continued to be more and quieter, which has brought her to a realization that she cannot afford to continue to do this any longer.

Amazon has been the main thing. Client’s come and look at the books on the shelves only to say they will order from Amazon. Also adding that she has heard that over and over again. The booksellers have also lost most favourite clients whom she believes did not stop reading but now order books online.

In a letter to clients announcing the closure, adding that she has been running at a loss for quite some time now and is afraid she is unable to find the energy, stamina or financial resources to make a turnaround, most notably because of the quiet high streets.

Even though independent booksellers have now risen for two years in a row, Dreda is not suffering the blow alone, Camden Lock Books will as well close down this July after eighteen years in London Old Street. The Owner Jason Burley said there had been a “combination of varying factors” reasons for his decision, ranging from main works at Old Street roundabout to business reduced rates, together with “flat lining” custom. Burley said it not a lucrative business and that there has been non-stop complaints from clients.

The Booksellers Association managing director Meryl Halls reported that that the organization is always unhappy when the shop closed. Nonetheless, this week comes with harsh news of influential and iconic bookshops and two very long-serving bookseller experts quitting the trade.

“It sheds light on the resilient pressures on high street bookshops and the difficulty associated with establishing and maintaining a credible bookselling business,” Halls also commented that the BA is calling for an urgent reform to the rates system “built system for the analog can no longer fit for purpose in the digital and multi-multichannel.

“Internet competition created by technology giants who take full advantage of an incompetent business taxation system is just the beginning” Halls added.

Dreda says that she still recalls the awesome moment she became the owner of Wenlock Bookshop back in 2003. She says it was her best feeling. Now she is dreading the moment she puts the key in the lock away from the bookshop.

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