Best Portable VPN Router

Best Portable VPN Router

Short Description:

Short Description

The InvizBox Go is a discreet and easily portable VPN router allowing you to secure and manage all your internet traffic when you are using WiFi. The InvizBox Go works to guarantee safety on your browsing history and data in any WiFi set-up be it public or at home.

Safety and Privacy

Un-encrypted data which at times may be very delicate if it gains access to the wrong people, can be at a greater risk of attack making you and your loved ones prone to cybercrimes. The InvizBox Go moves in to solve this heinous problem by ensuring that all the data you send over the WiFi, browsing history, passwords and cookies are safe and secure by providing an encryption over it. For you to access all this safety, all you have to do is making sure that all the devices you are using are connected to the router over the WiFi. If you are using home WiFi, this is a must-have in order to guarantee you and your family safe browsing.

Ad Blocking

Having experienced how ads can ruin your streaming services, the InvizBox Go blocks all the unwanted ads giving you the ultimate streaming experience. This works by contacting a list of the ad providers and blocking their domains to deter their access to your devices. However, this is an optional feature.

Recharge your devices

The InvizBox allows you to recharge your draining phones or tablets in an event where you can’t access power supply. Through the USB port in the router you can charge your phone or tablet from empty to full giving you more network coverage time and ensuring that your streaming experience doesn’t get compromised due to lack of charge.


The router is very light weighing at approximately 300 grams making it easy and convenient to carry with you anywhere you’ll need to create a virtual private network. The device is very easy to set up since you only need to turn it on, connect it over the WiFi, complete the on step set up wizard and as easy as that, you now get to browse in a VPN.

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